Psychological Testing in Miami

Psychoeducational Testing


LWTG provides comprehensive psychoeducational and psychological testing in Miami! Psychoeducational testing is used to determine learning disabilities and emotional or behavioral challenges. It is used to explain behaviors such as hyperactivity, inattention, poor organizational skills, low motivation, and poor school performance. It also provides the required documentation for academic accommodations. 

The cost of a psychoeducational evaluation varies. Insurance may cover a portion of the cost. 

Gifted Testing


Achievement tests determine what your child has already learned and determine if they are more advanced than their grade level peers. IQ tests are also used to identify gifted and talented students. This type of testing is often used as a measurement tool to qualify for a specific program in school. Results are used to develop an appropriate educational strategy for gifted students. 

The cost of gifted testing is $500 and it is not covered by any insurance.

Pre-Adoption Evaluations


Pre-adoption evaluations are conducted by a licensed psychologist. The evaluation consists of an interview of the parents and a true or false assessment known as the Multiphasic Personality Inventory- 2 (MMPI-2). The psychologist will gather the information from the parent interview and the data from the MMPI-2 and compose a letter according to the adoption agency's requirements. 

Insurance may cover a portion of the cost.  

Pre-Surgical Evaluations


Our qualified and licensed mental health professionals have experience conducting pre-surgical evaluations for chronic pain patients requiring invasive treatments. 

We work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team in order to ensure a positive patient outcome.

Insurance may cover a portion of the cost. 

Bariatric Evaluations


Because bariatric surgery requires highly restrictive and long-term behavioral changes afterwards, candidates are often required to complete a psychological evaluation to determine their appropriateness for surgery. 

Evaluations include an interview and psychological assessment by a qualified mental health professional.

Insurance may cover a portion of the cost.

Immigration Evaluations


Our practice is culturally informed and we know that a thorough psychological evaluation conducted by a licensed mental health professional can make a huge difference in many immigration cases. 

Our evaluations include a review of personal, family and background information, current status, and information regarding hardship factors relevant to the case. 

IVF Psychological Evaluations


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Emotional Support Animal


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Neuropsychological Testing


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